Preventing car theft | Keeping your vehicle secure

Itís a no-brainer that your vehicle is one of the most valuable possessions. Thatís why you need to ensure that itís as safe as can be. If youíve taken a logbook loan, you should be even more careful when it comes to the security of your vehicle. Once your car is stolen and has a loan on it, youíll still have to pay the loan even when your vehicle is stolen. Luckily, thereís a lot you can do to keep your car from getting into the wrong hands. Here are some exclusive techniques to prevent your car from being stolen.

Car immobiliser

A car immobiliser is an amazing way of keeping your vehicle secure. It simply prevents the car from being started without using the correct digital key. This adds more security to your vehicle and further reduces your insurance costs. However, you need to supplement this technique with another to further maximise its security. Also, ensure you go for Thatcham-approved immobilisers that canít be attacked via the OBC port.

Go for VHF tracking technology

To further ensure that your car is safe, you need to be prepared for the worst. Having a tracking system could help you recover your vehicle in the event that it is stolen. When installing the tracking systems, go for VHF technologies as opposed to GPS. Or you could install both of them. The wonderful thing about VHF technology is that unlike GPS, VHF doesnít lose the position of the vehicle even when in an underground park of hidden garage.

Use a smart key

A smart key is a valuable asset, so try and go for cars that use these keys when car shopping. Smart keys have got unique computer chips that makes it impossible to duplicate one or alter it. This boosts the security of your car because the only way a thief would steal it is if theyíve got your keys. However, a downside about these keys is that youíll be in deep trouble when you lose them.

Add a cover

If youíre in an area with high car theft rates, then a comprehensive cover should not be far from your mind. A comprehensive cover could help you sleep better at night. Such a cover could significantly lower your costs of replacing a stolen vehicle, and reduce the financial blow to your wallet. You could even go for covers that additionally replace the valuables stolen along with the car.